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I am blessed with an incredible marriage to my best friend - Dawn. We have two beautiful daughters - Sarah, who is 20 and in college and Molly, who is 16 and going to be a Junior. I couldn't be more proud of all the women in my life. I love music and have the awesome opportunity to use it each and every day at First Baptist Church, Woodward, OK. God has blessed me and my family way beyond our wildest dreams. My life long dream has been to learn to fly and God is allowing me to fulfill that dream. As of right now I have 13.2 hrs and am within about 7 hrs from soloing. Dear God Help me!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Official Senior

Where did the time go?  I can't believe Molly, my sweet little curly headed(it's natural) baby girl, is officially a Senior.  After all I can't be a day over 30.  Can I?  Afraid so!  She is hysterically funny.  There is going to have to be a special guy out there who will tolerate here dry, quick wit.  Whoever you are, I'm already praying for you.  By the way did I tell you it is four in the morning and once more the dawning just woke up the wanting in me.  Wow, that was a blast from the past.  Me and my parents used to square dance to that song.  Anyway, back to Molly.  Whatever she decides to do, she will do well.  She loves people and has the ability to tackle things that I would have never dreamed of tackling at her age.  Does that mean I am only a year away from having an empty nest?  Oh well, you know what they say, "If you love me give me wings."  So Molly, soar! Love ya, Dad!

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Shelley said...

I know what you are feeling with our senior in the house. We will also be suffering from the empty nest, and I mean we will be 'suffering'. I am praying that God will show us some ministry opportunities for us so we can get involved in something that will consume our energy and passion as our children move on and into independence. Hallelujah, the weekends will still be the time they come home and we will be normal again. Molly is a great young lady and it will be fun to see where God leads her and our young lady as well.