About Me

I am blessed with an incredible marriage to my best friend - Dawn. We have two beautiful daughters - Sarah, who is 20 and in college and Molly, who is 16 and going to be a Junior. I couldn't be more proud of all the women in my life. I love music and have the awesome opportunity to use it each and every day at First Baptist Church, Woodward, OK. God has blessed me and my family way beyond our wildest dreams. My life long dream has been to learn to fly and God is allowing me to fulfill that dream. As of right now I have 13.2 hrs and am within about 7 hrs from soloing. Dear God Help me!

Friday, August 29, 2008

I yearbooked one of my buddies. Can you guess who it is?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I laughed at Sally's Pictures until I hurt. So, I did some and had a lot of fun. Here they are!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Flying Update

I currently have 16.4 hrs and should be able to solo in the next couple of lessons. The wind has not been cooperating. All of my touch and go's have been with a pretty strong cross wind. That has been a good thing because I get to practice those and am really starting to understand how much rudder it takes to keep the plane straight with the runway when you land however, Randy, my instructor, would like for me to have a lesson or two that is either calm or winds right down the runway so I can experience some landings where there is not so much going on. Today, Saturday, I went to have a lesson and there was a cross wind again. Sarah had gone with me, because she wanted to take some pictures of me for her photography class, and so because we decided to hold off on another cross wind landing Randy took her up and let her take some pictures from the sky. Here she is before she took off and then after she landed. Now I think she might want to take lessons; someday. Randy Shultz is a great guy and instructor.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Family News

Two weeks ago today memaw(Grandma Castor) put herself in the Vici nursing home. It has been difficult for her because she misses her stuff. She would like to be in a private room, not because of her room mate but because she is used to her own space. I'm sure once she is there for another week or two she will begin to adjust. My dad is able to go by every other week each day because his route goes right through there. Last week he stopped everyday and took something to her or brought something back she decided she didn't want right now because of no room to keep it. At least she gets three good meals a day and some one around at all times if she needs them.