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I am blessed with an incredible marriage to my best friend - Dawn. We have two beautiful daughters - Sarah, who is 20 and in college and Molly, who is 16 and going to be a Junior. I couldn't be more proud of all the women in my life. I love music and have the awesome opportunity to use it each and every day at First Baptist Church, Woodward, OK. God has blessed me and my family way beyond our wildest dreams. My life long dream has been to learn to fly and God is allowing me to fulfill that dream. As of right now I have 13.2 hrs and am within about 7 hrs from soloing. Dear God Help me!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

July 25th was my Grandma Keltch's 97th birthday. She is my mom's mother and she is still as sharp as a tack. Just because she is 97 doesn't mean she can't do anything either. In fact just a couple of weeks ago my mother, who spends three days a week with her was going out to mow the yard but was having difficulty getting the mower started. She came back in the house and told my grandma she was just going to wait for Tom(her brother) to get there and see if he could get it to going. Well she went on to do some other chores and noticed my grandma was gone. She realized she had gone outside and so she made her way out there to see what she was doing. Mind you she usually walks with a cane and has oxygen all the time. She had started the mower and ask my mom if she needed her to back it out of the garage for her as well. She has determination like no other.
Here is a picture of her and her children at her birthday party at the Vici restaurant. From the left the oldest living sister Aletha, Jackie, Shirley, Tom and Bonnie(my mom). Of course my grandma is in the center(probably pinching someones behind)


Shelley said...

Les, Thanks for the picture and story about Grandma's Birthday. We were unable to make it. We got to spend July 4 with her and we enjoyed it so much. I got to see the pavers we got for her and grandad at Falls Creek. I will a picture of them on my blog. I'm so glad that you and Dawn have blogs. Now I don't feel so alone in the world.

Kara said...

Love that story...sounds like Cory's grandma! I can also tell where your spunk comes from :)